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Now more than before, crew are overwhelmed with information overload from both reliable and unreliable sources. Use the power of data science to filter the noise from the facts.

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Having realiable and up to date mission critical data is vital to enhacing safety

Crowd Sourced
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Tapping on the power of the collective and data science to provide current and validated data.

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Together we can create a community that aims to leverage on data science and artificial intelligence to make better decisions that enhance safety and efficiency.

Data Driven

We rely on the most up to date data from the users to aggregate the best information .

Free to Use

Free to use but not free to run. If you find it useful, please donate to keep the service running.

For Aircrew, By Aircrew

Data is collected from bona-fide aircrews, analyzed and validated by volunteer aircrews for other aircrews.

Growing Data sets

We are growing everyday. The more users, the more data we have to work with. Having multiple data sets help us provide more accurate information.

We listen

Tell us what you like and dislike. We strive to make this the best community for information sharing for professionals in the the aviation industry.

Data Integrity

All data sources are protected and independently verified before it is shared with the user base.

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Join thousands of other aviation professionals and grow as a collective

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Join the friendly and professional community.


Each piece of information is carefully translated, analyzed, validated and verified by our team of dedicated data managers.

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